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Up-to-date recycling

We separate waste into 17 types. When recycling, it is all about gaining raw materials from the waste and/or generating electricity or heat. When cleaning rooms, we make sure that we have various waste containers for the correct separation of waste. If you avoid throw-away and single-use items, you are also helping us to reduce waste.



The FreeCityTicket included in the room rate gives our guests the opportunity to travel on public transport for free throughout their stay with us. This helps to protect the environment and contributes towards climate-friendly and stress-free travel. Book your InterCityHotel and explore your next travel destination with the FreeCityTicket.


Sustainable travel

Our reception holds information and addresses for your travel on public transport, bicycle hire or carsharing providers.


Optimum water demand

Our bedrooms are equipped with water-saving devices. Additional savings are made if you ensure that the faucets are properly shut off and you only allow the water to run when you are using it.


Sustainable laundry use

If you leave your towels on the hook after showering, this tell us that you would like to reduce the amount of laundry and therefore unnecessary water usage. This accommodates our commitment to sustainability. If the towels are to be changed, please leave them on the floor.


Healthy eating

We place great value on sustainable consumption. Be wowed by our comprehensive buffet breakfast and enjoy the fresh local specialties and snacks in our hotel restaurants and bistro lounges. Also experience healthy snacks during your green meetings at InterCityHotel.


Charging stations for e-cars

From now on some of our IntercityHotels will have the charging stations for e-cars. Here you can easily charge your car while exploring the city with our free FreeCityTicket. The charging stations will be available next year at all IntercityHotels that have their own parking lot.