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The Green Meeting concept in our hotels is the logical progression of a long-term commitment to protect the environment. It gives us the opportunity to completely offset the CO2 climate impact of the meetings we host and to reduce our carbon footprint. The Green Meeting concept begins with carbon-neutral travel to get here and continues with the consistent implementation of the ecological ideal within our hotel.

Wherever possible, we use clean energy for your event, and our modern approach to energy management and the installation of water-flow limiters guarantees minimal consumption of resources. Sustainable waste management and the use of regional and seasonal products in our catering services complete this package.

Recycled paper

CO2-neutral conferences

Certified waste management

Green Meetings


1. ISO 14001 certified environmental management

2. CO2-compensation for your event via atmosfair

3. Environmentally friendly train ticket (event ticket) from Deutsche Bahn AG

4. Supported by UN-certified climate protection projects

5. Certified waste management system

6. Funding of local environmental and social projects

7. Reduction in CO2 through optimized and sustainable procurement processes

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