IntercityHotel 2.0 – New Concept, New Design

"Being at home is no longer location-bound.        It is a feeling." - Matteo Thun

This sense of intimacy, which we value all the more when far from home, is conveyed by interior architect Matteo Thun through his space concept in our new IntercityHotels.

They are characterized by fresh, young design. The idea is that you arrive and feel at home.

The concept

The architect is a great champion of zero design. He reduces design to the essential and creates things that last.

This is reflected in the new generation of IntercityHotels, where simplicity and normality dominate. Natural materials such as solid oak, high-quality leather and many plants can be found here. Soft and restrained colors round off the design concept.

Bodily needs are also taken care of: In cooperation with trend and gastronomy expert Pierre Nierhaus, light and modern dishes have been developed alongside familiar classics. Particular attention is paid to local specialties.

The designer

Matteo Thun was born in Bolzano in 1952 and studied at the Academy of Art in Salzburg, gaining a doctorate in architecture at the University of Florence. He based himself in Milan, establishing the architecture practice "Matteo Thun & Partners."

From tableware to furniture and luxury hotels: The Italian architect has turned his hand to many utensils and buildings.