InterCityHotel - FreeCityTicket

Spares the environment, your nerves and your holiday funds - FreeCityTicket included.

Your advantages at a glance:

  •     Sparing on your travel budget
  •     Environmentally aware
  •     Highly flexible, stops mostly right outside your door
  •     Time-saving, because it does away with the need for information about ticket prices or finding a parking space
  •     Ticket is valid for at least 2 days (arrival and departure days), throughout the entire stay, including during trade fairs, etc.

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The value of your FreeCityTicket:

Examples of 2-day tickets with comparable range and corresponding usage requirements:

  •     Fare for 2 days for the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region (Wuppertal, Gelsenkirchen, Düsseldorf and Essen): € 54.80
  •     Fare for 2 days in Berlin: € 42.00
  •     Fare for 2 days in Hamburg: € 35.80
  •     Fare for 2 days in Stuttgart: € 28.60

Limitless flexibility!

In most places the ticket is valid for various forms of local public transport and often includes a connection to the airport or far beyond the city limits!

Valid in all InterCityHotels; in the Frankfurt Airport and Nuremberg hotels, please ask about the FreeCityTicket at reception.

Spares the environment, your nerves and your holiday funds - the FreeCityTicket.