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Our partnership with sports physician Dr. Matthias Marquardt

“Every change starts with the first step”

Adequate exercise and balanced nutrition are easy to achieve, even when traveling. That’s why we’re launching our new partnership for your wellbeing! Life Optimizer Dr. Matthias Marquardt and IntercityHotel present a range of offers to help you avoid stress, a lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating when you’re busy and on the go – discover the ICH feeling.


The breakfast that’s perfectly suited to your type is easy to find: at the buffet at our IntercityHotels. Sports Specialist Dr. Marquardt has created five breakfasts exclusively for IntercityHotels that will get you ready for the day. A special highlight is Dr. Marquardt’s fruit salad with a unique omega-3 topping. The cereal is low in carbohydrates and full of valuable omega-3 fatty acids! You’re guaranteed to start your day fresh, cheerful and full of energy.


On your (business) trip, there are more opportunities for exercise than you think. All you need to do is know how! Dr. Marquardt has developed simple yet effective exercise programs for IntercityHotel that you can implement right away. Without equipment and for any fitness level. For instance, if you take the stairs instead of the elevator, you can burn up to three sugar cubes on your way up to your room. Or turn a conference break into a power break. Refuel on oxygen with a walk and reduce your stress level by 50% in 15 minutes.


Was your trip particularly demanding? Especially then, it’s important to relax properly. At the IntercityHotel, you’ll find it easy to rest. Life Optimizer Dr. Marquardt knows that mental recovery is critical to your health and wellbeing. But how do you do it – and where do you start? Ideally with a walk, because exercise is the perfect introduction to your relaxation program. Then you can relax in your room. Take our writing pad to the bed and write down your thoughts and to-dos for tomorrow. That way, you can leave the day relaxed and sleep easier.

Dr. Matthias Marquardt

As a sports physician and running coach, Dr. Marquardt has been focusing on the needs of runners and triathletes for many years and has developed his own training concept. Vital substances play just as important a role in his consultation as nutrition and omega-3 fatty acids. The passionate triathlete prepares athletes for sports events from fun runs to championship victories at Ironman Hawaii. In addition to his lectures, Dr. Marquardt is known as a best-selling author and has written books including “Die Laufbibel” (“The Running Bible”).