The hotel as a gallery

In line with the modern design of all IntercityHotels, special attention was paid to the interior décor. Selected IntercityHotels have been furnished with individually designed photographs within the scope of the project "Art Vision". Students of Photography at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, were asked to design the public areas as well as the hotel rooms of the respective IntercityHotels in different teams. These photographs are now on display in all the mentioned areas of the hotels.

The project

This photographic art project is the only cooperation of this kind between a major German hotel chain and a University of Fine Arts and offers young artists the opportunity to present their works to a broad audience. At the same time, the IntercityHotels benefit from a very attractive interior. This way, hotel guests will enjoy a totally new, special perspective of the city which can now be discovered and experienced anew.

The photographs

Each art project is based on a particular and individually implemented topic which is reflected in the photographs in a number of ways. Whether "Blue-Grey-Red" in the IntercityHotel Hamburg-Altona or "Sky’s Construct" in the IntercityHotel Frankfurt-Airport – the artists deal with the city's diverse facets which provide space for creative concepts. Consequently, all projects are connected by the idea of presenting the special feature of the city or region as well as the characteristics of the respective hotels.

Overview of all "Art Visions"