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Dear guests
The past few months have been a major challenge for us all. There is no doubt that the consequences of the corona pandemic will be with us for some time to come. However, innovative concepts and extensive protective measures have allowed us to work together to return to a “new normality”. We are delighted to be able to welcome you back to Deutsche Hospitality’s hotels.

Your health and the health of our staff always come first. Our aim is to ensure that you feel safe and secure at all times. The hygiene standards which apply across all areas of our hotels were already very high. Nevertheless, we have decided to enhance these systems still further by introducing a comprehensive service and safety concept. Of course, we also take our lead from recommendations issued by international health authorities (WHO and CDC) and from stipulations set out by various (federal state) governments. Our employees are receiving targeted training in order to enable them to implement the new hygiene standards and protective measures in an effective way.

Depending on the state and region in which a hotel is located, the rules which have been instigated may bring about restrictions in the services we can offer. Our members of staff will be happy to provide you with any information you require regarding these hygiene and protective measures.

Thank you for complying with the new rules. We appreciate your support. We can only protect ourselves and the people around us if everyone acts carefully.

Changes to services and protective measures in our hotels
In the following video you will see important security measures in our hotels and how we can all protect ourselves together.

We would also like to provide you with a summary of the minimum measures which currently apply in every hotel. 

Public areas

  • Mandatory protective mouth and nose coverings for staff in line with the provisions in place in the respective (federal) state
  • Mandatory protective mouth and nose coverings for guests in line with the provisions in place in the respective (federal) state Face masks will be distributed to guests as required.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers in all public areas (lobby, restaurant, bar, lifts)
  • Sanitiser dispensers at reception and in the toilets
  • Distance markings (minimum of 1.5 metres) 
  • Regular disinfection of contact surfaces (door handles, lift call buttons, counters at reception and in the bar etc.)
  • Regular airing of public areas
  • Lift capacity limited to two persons at any one time (except for families)
  • Notices displayed in central areas to draw attention to hygiene rules
  • Gym and spa facilities only partially open depending on the conditions imposed by the relevant authorities. Please check which services are available before travelling to your hotel.


Additional information for IntercityHotel

  • À la carte restaurants will remain shut for the time being. A reduced menu may be offered at the bar.

Reception, check-in and check-out

  • We recommend cashless payments.
  • Disinfection of room keys and cards


Restaurant and bar area

  • Minimum distance of 1.5 metres between tables or tables spaced out according to the stipulations applicable in the respective state
  • Only members of your own household and of one further household may sit together at the same table. Other restrictions may apply in different (federal) states.
  • Opening times will be adjusted in line with the volume of guests.
  • À la carte service and room service
  • Buffets will occasionally remain closed. Some hotels are offering buffets with pre-packed goods. Services will be provided in accordance with the provisions which apply in the relevant (federal) state. Please check which services are available before travelling to your hotel.
  • The type of breakfast served may vary in line with differing provisions applicable in the various (federal) states.
  • Disinfection of tables, counters, bill holders, cruets etc. after each use



  • Events bookings will be subject to detailed prior planning. Events can only be staged if compliance with the government stipulations in place in the respective (federal) state can be ensured
  • Minimum distance of 1.5 metres between tables or tables spaced out according to the stipulations applicable in the respective (federal) state
  • Video conferences using appropriate equipment will be offered
  • Lunch and coffee break packages will be served à la carte, via snack buffets containing pre-packed goods or in the form of lunch boxes
  • Regular disinfection of all surfaces and regular airing of the events rooms


Room cleaning

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures including disinfection of surfaces when guest changeovers take place
  • Cleaning during a stay will only be carried out after consultation with the guest
  • Regular disinfection of surfaces such as door handles, light switches, remote controls etc.
  • Certain items such as magazines or writing utensils may be removed from the rooms

Management staff at our hotels will be happy to help you with any enquiries you may have regarding your stay. Please inform yourself about the currently valid country or federal state regulations before you travel from a risk area.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Deutsche Hospitality

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